We go beyond the usual advertising framework by offering technologies that will be a standard in a few years.


Improving the tranfer of information in public space basing on digitalization technologies and responding to the current market needs while mantaining environmental protection standards and corporate social responsibility.


Technological company that provides comprehensive and inspiring implementations of Digital Signage on the European market. We are experts in the industry and most of our projects turn into long-term cooperation thanks to the developed organizational culture, versatility and not noticing the limits of possibilities. We want to be a perfect workplace influenced by each of us. All SOLIX activities are guided by corporate social responsibility and environmental protection.


• We provide comprehensive Digital Signage solutions
• We limit the physical exchange of information
• We remove an outdated message
• We improve the information transfer
• Remote information change in seconds or automation of the process
• An investment in Digital Signage is a long-term payback