Support the sale of key products and marketing campaigns in your store and enter a higher level of product presentation.

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Increase the attractiveness of the presented products thanks to the applications we offer. Using the application in your store will make customers learn more about your products, and you will learn more about your customers from the generated reports.

Management of selected screens in the facility using every smartphone.

Scenning the QR code displayed in the store with any smartphone starts the web application with the possibility of changing the displayed content on the monitors in the facility, e.g. extending the product description, changing the theme of the environment, etc.

Use: sales support or marketing campaigns.

Lock Android devices into kiosk mode with limited access to web content, interactive catalog, or anything you want.

Remote management of application settings.

Use: All kinds of touch screens to reduce the risk of viewing inappropriate content and changing device settings.

Automation of price management in the facility, remote price change through integration with the database.

Displaying interactive prices on any displays next to the product or displaying the price as a part of any monitor.

Possibility to extend the display of prices with interactive product specifications.

Possibility of interaction reporting.

Use: Price labels on all or key products.

Pick up the product and detailed information will be displayed on the screen.

In addition to triggering content, the application reports the number of product lifts.

To display content, it is necessary to use sensors: optical, movement, mechanical, weight, etc.

Use: key assortment, marketing campaigns.

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