It is a modern way of transmitting content to recipients in digital form via integrated digital screen networks.

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Digital Signage can be perceived as an innovative way of communicating with the client, as a kind of private television channel aimed at recipients located outside their homes. It enables broadcasting in accordance with specific parameters, attributes, and even taking into account a specific time or place. Today, it is an interesting alternative to traditional advertising media, such as billboards, posters or banners.


Digital Signage is an effective way to arouse interest in the recipient. Dynamic content transfer is still a relatively new solution, which is why it creates the effect of surprise. This brings the desired results, because what surprises is usually remembered.

In addition, the presented method of promotion is associated with:
– the possibility to target the message to specific parameters (target group, time, place)
– introduction of dynamic message to decision making points,
– an opportunity to track the recipient’s response in real time,
– managing the appearance of the presented content,
– reduction of marketing communication expenditure,
– a wide spectrum of applications.


Digital Signage solutions can be used anywhere, but the best results are achieved if they are placed where they are most likely to be observed. Very often they are used in places where customers make shopping decisions.
The most commonly introduced are:

Digital Signage
Digital Signage


This form of communication is slowly and effectively displacing large-format billboards, static posters, banners. The dynamic message attracts more attention and allows to attract a larger group of recipients. Digital Signage can be successfully used at major city thoroughfares, popular tourist attractions, iconic meeting places, and company headquarters.

Digital Signage
Digital Signage


Digital screens are very often installed in facilities such as company headquarters and departments, shopping centers, clubs, hotels, cinemas, offices, etc. They effectively replace traditional advertising solutions. They are slowly eliminating leaflets, posters, advertising folders, banners. Due to the possibility of adapting the Digital Signage system to individual preferences, screens can also be used to display e.g. menu in restaurants, information about promotions in stores, current information from around the world and the country, pro-social actions, etc.

Digital Signage
Digital Signage


Modern means of public transport are perfectly adapted to the applications of Digital Signage technology. Trams and buses are a space used by a huge number of people. The small space and the longer travel time (especially on longer routes) are conducive to the interest in dynamic screen transmission.


Advertising experts agree that Digital Signage can be a much more effective way to communicate with a potential recipient than standard media. The constant development of this technology means that the possibilities of its use are almost limitless and new ideas are emerging on how to reach a potential customer with it. The system’s success consists of three elements: software, hardware and tailored content.


The first, extremely important component is the selection of the appropriate system platform and software for managing content displayed on screens. Of course, we are aware that it is very easy to get free programs today, but specialists clearly assess their quality as low. Despite the savings, purchased freeware applications will not give us such huge opportunities as professional Digital Signage software.

The most important part of the software is CMS – Content Management System. It provides full control over the software and display of all data. You can also plan your activity schedule and check the technical condition of existing Digital Signage campaigns. Its transparent interface is very easy to use, which significantly speeds up the work performed in it.

Digital Signage enables the implementation of advanced components into the displayed content, which makes the content unique, and at the same time focuses the attention of the recipient. This includes:

– HTML, CSS, JS presentations,
– movies live and in HD technology,
– flash animations.

In addition, depending on the needs, Digital Signage allows you to use existing dedicated templates or create new ones. They contribute to a more efficient implementation of your own marketing campaign. Available templates can be freely modified using your equipment.

Solix offers Digital Signage solutions compatible with Android and Windows. We guarantee the stability, functionality and universality of our software, thanks to which it will be possible to create various types of messages, manage all multimedia materials, as well as control all devices connected to the system. You can be sure of its efficient work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Digital Signage
Digital Signage
Digital Signage

Appropriate software will not bring us the expected benefits if it cannot work with the latest hardware solutions. It should be remembered that professional hardware is one thing and the other is its optimal configuration, parameter adjustment and regular servicing. If you take care of each of these elements, you can be sure of the stability, efficiency and performance of the entire Digital Signage system.

Our offer includes top class equipment. Modern tablets, computers, advertising monitors, effective LCD totems, as well as Light Boxes and many other devices that allow us to display the content we created. You can be sure of their durability, solid performance, optimal performance parameters, as well as aesthetic appearance, which also has an impact on the achieved marketing effect. Importantly, the entire Digital Signage system is configured in such a way that frequent replacement of its components is not necessary.


Each content must be conveyed in a manner appropriate to its transmission, as well as tailored to the recipients themselves. Therefore, Digital Signage has enabled displaying content in such forms as: text, movies, RSS bars, images / graphics, websites (including social networks such as Facebook or Twitter). Digital Signage is also great for showing weather, streaming or sorting product prices. You can use the files:

– video: flash FLV, MOV, SWF, MP3, MPEG-4, 3GB (H.264), M4V,
– audio: MP3,
– documents: PDF (Adobe),
– images: PNG, GIF, JPG.

Many years of experience and knowledge of the specificity of Digital Signage systems allow us to create unique content. Effective creations dedicated to specific devices, targeted at a specific group of recipients. The possibilities of creating content for this modern platform are almost limitless. We will make unique ads for you, and help you create them yourself. We will tell you what are the best practices, how to adapt your Digital Signage materials to a specific target and where they will be displayed.


Digital Signage

An effective and eye-catching advertising message allows you to significantly increase the number of potential customers, interest them in a product, service or event, and inform you about your purchase options. Before preparing all materials, we plan our activities appropriately, learn about the clients’ expectations, analyze the target group and strive to achieve the maximum goal.