Show us your space and we will tell you what monitors you need – advertising, video wall, menu board, outdoor monitor or maybe a totem?

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We will adapt to you – we will select the equipment, install, create advertising materials, manage a network of monitors. Tell us what you need.

Monitors from the best

We offer only professional monitors of the best brands, ready to work 24/7, without a DVB-T decoder (exemption from subscription fees) and covered by a 3-year warranty (extension to 5 years). We adjust the type and brightness of the matrix to the conditions in the shop or customer’s point. We provide the suitable handles and hardware installation. On request, we create advertisements, manage a network of monitors and service the equipment. See the implementation.

Seamless monitors

Simple to install. Perfect for displaying broadcasts and creating video walls. See an example implementation.

Vertical monitors in the case

This layout is particularly conducive to the display of advertisements, information and announcements, e.g. at service points, storefronts, store space. See an example implementation.

Menu board

Made of seamless monitors, easy to install and manage, they will display menus, information about promotions and products. See an example implementation.

The highest quality – where you want and when you want!

Display content non-stop (24/7 or 16/7) indoors and outdoors – without consequences. Our monitors are adapted to work in all conditions and have 36 months warranty.


Diversified content – for the Client

Video, spot, menu board, promotion, weather forecast – the type of content does not matter. You can display everything on our monitors and you can entrust us with creating content. If you would like to display interactive content we will add a touch overlay to the monitor or use an all-in-one monitor.

Monitors… and everything else you want

We can offer you only the equipment – or add to it what you want. Do you also need a content management system, monitor assembly, system instalation? Would you like to outsource content creation in accordance to your guidelines? Or maybe you are looking for an inspiration? We will take care of it!


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