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ClickShare Barco

ClickShare – great system of image distribution for conference rooms.

It supports most operating systems and devices used by meeting participants

  • ClickShare is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and as a Mobile app it can be download from Google Play or App Store
  • Participants can share their content from computer screens, laptops, mobile phones in the conference room by clicking on the button connected to the computer’s USB port or by using the mobile app.

ClickShare connects to the monitor or to the projector by the HDMI cable

  • This system allows to display movies in full HD or ultra HD quality
  • Participants connect to the ClickShare system via WiFi
  • It is possible to use local LAN / WLAN

It is the ideal solution for companies with multiple secured access devices – the ClickShare driver is installed on the external button not on a computer therefore it is always compatible.

ClickShare Barco

See brochure:

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