Greet your guests with the help of LED screens in the storefront, on the glass elevation or inside the building – also in transparent technology.

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Critical 11 seconds

You have this long to make a good first impression. Make sure you don’t waste this time. Place your message on transparent LED screens that are impressive right from the entrance.


We offer P4.8 pixel LED screens with high brightness (4500cd / m2) adjustable with a built-in sensor that adjusts the screen brightness to the time of day and light intensity. The screens are also available in transparent technology. We enable their integration with other devices, including Central Stacks. We provide selection of equipment for the environment, installation, management and service.

2, 5, 8 meters - design a video wall with us

For visual walls to be effective, we mount them from seamless monitors with a minimum frame size – from 3.5 to less than 1mm between the screens after installation. We arrange the wall for a given space and the effect that the client wants to achieve. The screens are mounted on the wall or in recesses on specialized pop-out brackets. Quantity, configuration, audio-video integration, installation – we have experience in both simple video walls and complex implementations. Design a wall in the configurator , see the implementation.

Integrated LED site

Various technologies – one management panel that automates the process and provides a lot of data allowing verification and adjustment of the sales strategy. See the implementation.

Modern LED elevation

Transparent LED screens, despite the high brightness of the image, let sunlight into the building (from the inside, the LED screen is transparent). See the implementation.

Large-format LED screen

Area (28 m2), high brightness (4500cd / m2) with a light sensor and a P4.8 pixel – it is impressive! See the implementation.


Display content – in all conditions

Discover the reliable LED screens, adapted to work also in difficult external conditions – thanks to the highest quality materials and aesthetic finish.



Make the message stand out in public space

Replace a static poster with a dynamic ad. Bring the company event and sporting event to life. Present the content on the LED screen, which differs in pixel size and screen brightness. We also offer support in the creation and production of content.



Service from A to Z

We provide screen assembly and system installation. We also provide a content management system – to choose from, with the possibility of connecting further devices (LED screens, monitors, info kiosks, tablets).


We are a partner of renowned producers of Digital Signage solutions

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