HUAWEI “Make it possible”

Digital Signage in a brand store chain throughout Europe


For the manufacturer of the most modern smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices, ranking in the TOP 3 in the world in terms of the number of sales of smartphones, we implement innovative Digital Signage solutions in a network of brand stores in Europe.

RELIABLE HARDWARE – adapted to the needs of a modern Huawei showroom customer

Video walls assembled in various configurations with different number of monitors with a frame thickness of 1.8 mm (after assembly).

Transparent touch screens with presentation of a selected range of products, transparent LED screens in display cases and custom stretch screens.

Interactive technical specifications embedded in countertops to increase the attractiveness of the offer with automatic change of product prices.

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS – improving the presentation of a trade offer

Queuing system to facilitate the website’s work.

Interactive product catalogs – attractive and easy-to-use presentation of the commercial offer.

Professional content, supporting sales and communication with the client.

Dedicated applications, such as customer satisfaction surveys.


Wszystkie wdrażane rozwiązania są zintegrowane naszym systemem Central Stacks.

All implemented solutions are integrated with our Central Stacks system. Content displayed on each screen, despite differing technologies, are operated from one management panel by appropriate persons according to company hierarchy. Professional management and automation are not everything. The system provides a lot of data that allows you to verify and adjust your sales strategy.

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