The well-informed passenger!

In public transport, effective communication with passengers is essential, therefore, in WCR trains, we have installed professional LCD screens that display messages in real time.

Innovative Digital Signage solutions in the Warsaw Commuter Railway

Modern digital systems are increasingly used to broadcast content in urban space. The Warsaw Commuter Railway decided to introduce these innovative solutions. The implementer of the digitization project at WKD was SOLIX, which installed modern monitors. Their goal is to improve communication in transport.


LCD monitors for public transport

Professional LCD screens with high brightness, optimal size 24″, equipped with ambient sensors and adapted to work in all conditions, best meet the requirements of WCR trains.


Integrated management system from SOLIX

Thanks to the servers in the Cloud, the system allows you to manage and make changes to the displayed content from any place and device.


Effective communication with passengers

Information and advertising in the form of spots attract passengers’ attention and reduce the risk of missing important messages, such as changes in the timetable, ticket promotions and events.

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