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Central Stacks gives you everything you need to display ads, spots and other content to your customers – in the right place and time. 

MagicINFO makes it easy to create content, schedule and manage content in real time – on a complex network of Digital Signage devices. 

LG SuperSign CMS is an integrated program that supports the creation, publication and management of content in the Digital Signage network. 


The SPACE PLANNING system will make it easier for you not only to book a desk for work, but also much more. Find out about its possibilities. 

Book conference rooms in your company. Easily plan, manage and run your meetings. 

Digi OFFICE will help you manage your building – no matter if it is an office, hotel, hospital or conference center. 


Management of selected screens in the facility using every smartphone.

Automation of price management in the facility, remote price change through integration with the database.

Pick up the product and detailed information will be displayed on the screen.

Lock Android devices into kiosk mode with limited access to web content.

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