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Resource Central

Resource Central is a software for scheduling meetings, resources. Use the Outlook® application to book meetings, register guests, easily find available rooms and resources, order catering and more. End with manually booking and canceling meetings on several systems. Available integration with ERP systems. Get your business through the guest management system. Visitor card system with guest name, barcode and confirmation of the guest’s arrival by e-mail for the meeting organizer. The barcode can be used to monitor the guest’s passage or to determine the exit time from the object without the paper and a pen.

When scheduling an appointment you can simultaneously book catering, equipment, IT services and any other internal and external services. Service providers will receive ready-made order forms from the meeting organizer that they can view or print. When the event is cancelled, the order will automatically cancel the ordered services. To reserve resources via smartphones, tablets, and other Internet devices through the Resource Central web application, you do not need an Outlook® client license. In our meeting planning system you can view your calendar, book rooms and resources from any device, or as an Outlook® client. The web app is available on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows, and most browsers. Reports are available for catering, room and board use, additional orders, guests, and more. Thanks to them, you can optimally manage the entire infrastructure of rooms and desks. The system includes functionality to manage your existing reservations, so You can change your room reservations at any time if the group has increased and requires another room or sudden changes in the meeting structure.

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  • Schedule meetings anytime and anywhere
  • Hot desk booking system
  • Schedule meetings anytime and anywhere
  • Skype for business integration
  • Built-in standard reports
  • Integration of Outlook® and Exchange
  • Resource planning software for the receptionist
  • Reservation Manager

korzyści digital signage

  • Show and book available rooms, resources, or desks via Outlook®.
  • Resource Central handles all changes and cancellations in real time
  • Quick review of the availability of rooms, number of seats, pictures with visualization and equipment, and desks
  • Check availability of each employee participating in the meetings
  • Order directly from the service providers by sending an order by email
  • Analyze reports on the use of resources, rooms, desks, equipment, and occupational occupations
  • Print guests’ business cards based on the list of guest guests, or enter the guest visibility system for specific staff at reception
  • Use the bar code system to automate guest service
  • Receive an email from reception with confirmation of the guest’s arrival