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Bright Sign

BRIGHT SIGN – digital signage system offered as a software player.

  • management version in local Ethernet
  • management version through a server in the cloud
  • management version from the client server

The system consists a series of the players with different parameters – resolution, processor power, interactivity
Support photos, videos, audio, streaming video, web pages, widgets

bright sign

korzyści digital signage

  • Monitor network from anywhere,
  • Content storage locally
  • preview content displayed on the screen,
  • System in set with player.

korzyści digital signage

  • run your own server on the local network,
  • POE + players,
  • Dedicated players under the video wall screen,
  • IBeacon

korzyści digital signage

Suggested places of application, based on frequent implementation:

  • Monitors in shopping malls to display ads,
  • Video wall screen,
  • Menu board,
  • Employee information systems,

korzyści digital signage

  • MP4, AVI, MKV, JPG, PNG, MP3, etc.
  • Widgets (clock, weather, ability to create your own)
  • RSS