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Central Stacks

CENTRAL STACKS is designed for remote managing any structured networks, dividing monitors into groups, display planning, online status information on device performance. It works with Android, Windows.

Central Stacks is one of the most advanced digital signage systems on the market with very powerful features, statistics, interactivity options.

Cloud server management – simple and intuitive management program

  • Display statistics, screen clicks, age and gender analysis of people looking at the screen, monitor performance status
  • Ability to download content from external sources, websites, databases
  • Creating an ad schedule: months, days of the week, hours
  • Compatible with bar code readers, NFC
  • Info kiosk’s feature with remote creation option of interactive scenes – Compatible with Android 7-55 “tablets, LCD touch pads
  • GPS technology, peer to peer, Remote API


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Our projects

korzyści digital signage

  • Screens network managed from anywhere,
  • Users may have access only to the certain part of the system,
  • Real-time reporting,
  • Simple drag and drop management system,
  • Screen division into multiple independent zones

korzyści digital signage

  • Recognize age and gender and match content to them
  • GPS integration
  • Barcode reader, NFC
  • Integration with external systems

korzyści digital signage

  • Monitor network in multiple locations
  • Info kiosk,
  • Video wall screen,
  • Menu board,
  • Way finder

korzyści digital signage

  • MP4, AVI, MKV, JPG, PNG (transparency supported), BMP, etc.
  • Widgets (clock, weather, twitter, the ability to create your own)
  • RSS,
  • Websites in local form
  • Possibility to launch external application